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Wishing you a woofing-warm welcome to this web site.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am a professional dog behaviour consultant and trainer and I have built this site to help you develop a better rapport, and higher level of understanding and effective communication with your beloved canine family member.

Does your dog:-
Jump up with dirty feet on your best suit?
Pull you along the street at 100 mph on walks?
Dig holes amongst your prize winning petunias?
Use your favourite wool carpet as a toilet?
Refuse to get off your bed?
Appear to be emotionally upset?
Or suffer from seperation anxiety?

If so, I can teach you how to help calm your dog and train him or her to have better manners, by use of an easy to follow, step by step, 'Behaviour Modification Training Program'.


Send me a brief description of your dog's problems in a few sentences, and I will let you know within a few days, if I can help you by means of a distance consultation using a Training and Behaviour Modification Program.

If I can help, and with most pet dog problems I can, I will send you a questionnaire which will give me the required information to write an effective program. My fee is very reasonable to write this program which is tailored totally to your dog's personality, breed and individual issues. It will cost you nothing to send me a description of your dog's problems and to ask if I can help.

If the problem requires other means of help, I will advise you on how to obtain that help. And this advice is free.

Most dog behaviour problems can be managed to a satisfactory level and others can be totally eradicated using a Behaviour Modification Training Program written for your dog's individual problems.

I have kept my fees very low because I want to help you and your dog communicate better, to enjoy each other's company and to enrich each others lives.

Consultations given email.

I am also available for dog training classes on Sydney's North Shore, Australia.

Classes include:

Basic obedience
Managing behaviour problems
Tricks and fun with your dog
Dancing with your dog to music - no experience necessary -
we will teach you from scratch! (sorry about the pun!!)

Write To Me

Velma's Pets
PO Box 324
Killara, NSW 2071


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Email Me:
Me and my darling poodle Honey, at Christmas.

Write To Me, at
Velma's Pets
PO Box 324
NSW 2071